Chandler Cruttenden | Unsplash

A few days ago I was conversing with Baljeet. Baljeet is a kind man, he smiles when he learns new things.

Though he is from a middle-class family he never argues with his parents about all that he wants.He always wears a black analog watch in his left hand, blue…

Diwali 2020: Everything you should know before!
Credits to Eduardo Casajús Gorostiaga

Festive seasons are one of the most mesmerizing moments of life. People can still get nostalgic for their favourite memories. And all of them are the best.

But most famous and globally celebrated is the Diwali festival of lights.

Though crackers and their noise irritate at day time, but at dusk, everything seems magical. Numerous Floating Diya and earthen Diya decorated at every visible corner of houses, temples and even on river footsteps. …

Pratik Prajapati

Pratik writes all about what life is expressing, suggesting and indicating us on every phase which sometimes we failed to recognize through our naked eyes.

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